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Merpa Metal Endüstri ve Pazarlama A.Ş. raises awareness of its employees about the fact that mining, its fields of activity and the environment should be handled as a whole. Merpa acts in accordance with the applicable legislations in all of its operations and follows a environment friendly policy.

Merpa complies with all applicable laws adhering to the relevant national and international standards.

Unnecessary and overuse of resources are avoided and use of resources is intended to be minimized.

Waste materials are ensured to be reevaluated and reused within cyclical economy. The approved projects for the rehabilitation of the land will be ready once the operations are completed in a mine.


Merpa Metal End. ve Paz. A.Ş. takes and implements necessary actions in order to ensure that all its employees in the headquarters and fields act in accordance with the occupational health and safety rules. Merpa is intended to provide an healthy and safe workplace with the actions it has taken and to eliminate all circumstances that may cause occupational accidents and professional diseases.

The Occupational Health and Safety laws and regulations are applied. In this context, regular reports are issued and when necessary support from OHS experts is received.

Necessary professional training and Occupational Health and Safety training of all employees have been completed.

All equipment and materials required for Occupational Health and Safety of employees in mine sites were provided.

In accordance with the latest mine legislation, all necessary actions especially in underground mining are taken and the operations are implemented according to the relevant procedures and instructions. Personal accident insurance policies of employees and workplace insurance policies are kept up-to-date.

All operations are based on the principle of not damaging the environment.